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Exterion Media UK: Eyes bigger than your belly? Research shows video viewers are twice as likely to visit restaurants after seeing an ad
6 hours ago
Exterion Media UK: House hunting along the Central Line? Will zone 2 break the bank? Check out average house prices here #lovingldn
10 hours ago
Exterion Media UK: The Year of the Bus continues... check out @Londonist ambling from Camden to Clapham #lovingldn
1 day ago
Exterion Media UK: It's Shakespeare's 450th Birthday today! If Twitter had been around,his account might have looked something like this
1 day ago
Exterion Media UK: RT @ForgetMNotChild: Thank you @ExterionMediaUK for their help with our Bus Back Campaign launched in January and still visible in April! h…
1 day ago
Exterion Media UK: We love these incredible images depicting London's changing skyline #lovingldn
2 days ago
Exterion Media UK: See thousands of Londoners celebrating the Feast of St George in Trafalgar Square yesterday #lovingldn
2 days ago
Exterion Media UK: We love this "London In Motion- A Short Timelapse/Hyperlapse video" on Vimeo #Vimeo #hyperlapsetimelapselondon
1 week ago
Exterion Media UK: Did you see a boatload of vikings on the Thames yesterday? It's not an invasion, it's for an exhibition at the @britishmuseum #lovingldn
1 week ago
Exterion Media UK: OOH consumers have a higher level of alertness - Here’s an interesting story. British out-of-home consumers...
1 week ago