The marriage of Social Media and Outdoor

Cutting through the noise on Twitter is no easy task, but what if a tweet is broadcast on the big screen in public areas such as Underground stations or shopping centres? This is just one of the ways that big brands are making Out of Home more personal, reports Marketing Week.

Interactive campaigns which drive users online give consumers a more personal experience with a brand and advertisers get access to a rich seam of data to inform future campaigns.

Richard Brook, Senior Communications Buying Manager at Unilever, says the marriage of Outdoor and Mobile is creating a whole new channel for marketers to explore. “Outdoor reaches a great many people and with mobile technology in everyone’s hands today, Out of Home advertising can be far more interactive for so many more people.

“It opens up opportunities for conversations with our consumers and enables brands to drive immediate online engagement, whether that’s to a Facebook page or other online destination.”

There’s no doubt digital Outdoor is growing – revenues were £125 million in 2011, or 14 per cent of Outdoor, but it’s important that brands aren’t distracted by the stunt and forget about the strategy, says William Grobel, Senior Consultant at Deloittes.

“Outdoor needs to keep broadening its relevance, service and formats to provide greater connectivity between brands and consumers out of home. Then it will be the major link in the customer’s purchasing journey.”

Source: Marketing Week