Asda Southfields

Anyone for strawberries?

It’s time to crack out the Champagne and the Pimm’s, indulge in some strawberries and cream…oh and watch some tennis!

Tennis fans are flocking in their thousands to SW19 for the most prestigious tournament in the world and there’s one brand that will be dominating their journey.

Asda have taken exclusive ownership of the 475,000 journeys made through Southfields station during the tournament with this fabulous domination, along with Bus T Sides and XTP Screens across London to promote sales of their strawberries.

The package includes Astroturf, Cross-Track Hording, Triangular Canopy, Headwall, 4 Sheets and Stair Well Frieze – all combining to create this breathtaking campaign.

Only one question remains – can Murray be the first British player to reach the final since 1936?

This campaign was planned and bought by Brilliant Media & Zone Outdoor.

"I am delighted with the campaign! From the initial briefing to the site tour this has exceeded my expectations. I wanted to show our quality credentials in a new medium and the station domination campaign allowed us to do that."

  Rachel Hayden - Produce Category Planner (ASDA)

 'What a great campaign! One of the few projects I have worked on that looks ten times better in real life than in the fantastic graphics we saw in advance. Every detail has been checked and the impact is great!'

 Andy Jackson - Product Category Manager (ASDA)

"Managing this project has been a delight from start to finish. The Wimbledon 'station domination' campaign has broken new ground in terms of media platforms used by the AMC and has set a precedent for future events"

 Julia McCallion - Trading Executive (AMC)