CBS Outdoor campaign of the week: Atout France

What was the idea?

Atout France has launched a campaign on London Underground 48 Sheets telling consumers to ‘come and play’ in various destinations of France, promoting the many and varied cultural and activity based opportunities on offer. 23 destinations of France have come together to allow this campaign to happen – and showcase their respective destinations to London’s urban audience.

Each region has its own creative execution showcasing the array of attractions and activities on offer. Further more, the ads are being posted in doubles, heightening the impact of the stunning creative posted across the track. Complimenting the 48 Sheet activity, Atout France are taking advantage of the average 13 minutes of dwell time in the carriage by utilising 2,000 Tube Card Panels. With the Olympics now being top of mind for Londoners, using the Underground allowed Atout France to adopt an Olympic creative theme to further engage the audience.

What was the media strategy?

Atout France were looking to target an upmarket, affluent urban audience- specifically families and empty-nesters and of course London Underground offered the perfect fit. To increase consideration, only long dwell formats would suffice – 3 minutes on the platform and 13 minutes in the carriage provided just this, with the enticing copy and arresting imagery provoking consideration. Research has proven TCPs to be a strong mechanism for driving response, allowing Atout France to use the 48 Sheets to create awareness and the TCPs to really drive home a direct response.


The campaign was planned by TCS Media and bought through Zone Outdoor.