BBC Three Supersides

BBC Three advertised the new comedy sketch show by Horne and Corden on Bus Supersides throughout the UK in Feb/March 2009.

Bus Supersides were chosen particularly to reach the young 16-24 core target audience who spend a lot of time out and about and to add coverage to the BBC schedule.

The campaign aimed to get this audience excited about the show, make them laugh, and make them link the talent and humour of Horne and Corden with the BBC Three brand.

Dipsticks Research agency conducted over 300 online interviews with16-34 year olds to assess the impact of the bus campaign

Some key findings were:

  • The Bus Supersides campaign achieved excellent coverage with over half of 16-34 having seen the advertising
  • 26% of all respondents said that they had either watched/recorded an episode of Horne & Corden. The figure amongst those who had seen a BBC advert was 32%, whilst those that had seen both Bus and BBC adverts was significantly higher at 38%. This clearly proves that a Bus campaign adds significant value to a BBC only schedule.
  • The Bus advert was clearly popular amongst young consumers and a massive two thirds stated they had responded to it in some way – whether this be a reminder to watch the show or going online to find out more
      Download the case study for more stats